We Are Moved In!

Phew…finally. We closed escrow on Thursday, moved stuff in on Friday, and have just a few things to take out of our rental townhouse and then we are totally and completely moved in! It’s only taken six months and a couple of offers in Irvine that fell through (and, sadly for the sellers, both properties then sold weeks later for less than our lowest offer) but we are quite pleased to be here and know this is a much better place to live.

Our PODS container was delayed until Monday — as a sidenote I recommend you never use PODS — and the unloaders will come Tuesday. Then we have new furniture coming in from various sources over the next 7-8 weeks. For now we have two premium inflatable beds (one for Alex and the other for Michelle and me) which isn’t ideal, but at least we can sleep in our own home.

I’ll have a few things to say about our new adventure over time, but for now here are a few thoughts that come to mind:

  • Land is at such a premium that you can see how tight houses are together. In Minnesota, like many places where land is cheaper and there are fewer total humans living there, a big yard is a given.
  • Many people use their garages for workout rooms, man-caves, or for storage. Parking on the street is done routinely and I’m not sure this is something Michelle and I will ever get used to (you can see that big white pickup in the side of the photo above, and it has been parked there for three days already).
  • The development and surrounding area is beautiful! There is always a slight breeze, the air is cleaner here than elsewhere, for now the traffic is light, and the neighbors we’ve met are very nice people.

Don’t forget friends and family: If you’re visiting southern California, or want to, let us know and stop by for a visit.

One bonus: Cox Internet has fiber to the home here. Friday morning I met the crew here and it took 2.5 hours to connect everything as there wasn’t fiber pulled from the sidewalk in front of the house to the back box. But once it was in, I hooked up my new modem and connected my Amplifi mesh network and tested the speed. I’m getting 260mbps download and 30mbps upload speeds…for $54 per month. Wow.