Today’s BIG Disappointment

Today was our “pre-floor” walk-through and we were very excited to do it as we are now 23 days away from closing on this house.

This pre-floor walk-through is a time when — prior to flooring being installed — we are able to walk through the house with a William Lyon Homes manager and ensure that everything promised and expected has been done.

But we were in for a big disappointment.

When we walked inside we were stunned to see that all of the kitchen cabinet “boxes” were one color gray (more to the blue) and the cabinet doors were a different color (more to the brown)!

We opened up all the kitchen cabinets and discovered they were all mismatched colors as are ones in all seven rooms in the house with built-in cabinetry. As someone who has painted houses inside and out for years — and who recently had kitchen cabinets latex-enameled before selling our Minnesota house — this is going to be a very big job to change-out these cabinets and make the colors match.

Since Michelle does color specification for the home furnishings industry you would expect her to see such dramatic color differences, but when my reaction was instantaneous like hers, you can be assured there is a big problem here.

To say our excitement today vanished at that moment is an understatement. The William Lyon Homes team is reaching out to the cabinet manufacturer today so we’ll see what happens next, but we will not close on the house until this is settled. Fortunately we have confidence in, and a belief that, they will make it right.