Xcel's Power Problems Persist

*10 years* of continual power outages in Boulder Pointe & our effort to motivate Xcel Energy


Tuesday, Dec 2, 2008: After several years of working with the City of Eden Prairie and Xcel Energy trying to get them to fix our repeated power-outage issues, I'm happy to report that Xcel emailed me this morning to let me know that the long-awaited "Westgate feeder" has been fully installed and deployed.

This means that our ongoing power outage problem HAS BEEN FIXED! ~ Steve Borsch

Read the 12/2/2008 Email

Thirteen years ago we moved in to the house we built in Boulder Pointe and live in today. Delighted to be in this neighborhood, we dealt with all the usual issues any homeowner deals with: structural tweaks; landscaping issues; maintenance and upkeep; neighbors moving in and out; and watching all the kids grow and move on to build their lives.

What we never anticipated -- nor did our neighbors with whom we share this part of the power grid -- was a constant and repeated electrical outage in a section of Boulder Pointe (see "Background") that found many of us without power over-n-over-n-over again while homeowners across our backyards enjoyed full power. This hasn't been a minor irritant either: it's happened well over a dozen times in the last decade alone with even more frequent minor outages or brownouts on an ongoing basis.

Xcel's relative lack of response and a fix-that-wasn't-a-fix has infuriated me to the point that ANYTHING that can be done is going to be done to ensure this doesn't keep happening. After my basement flooded in September 2005 due directly to a rainstorm with yet another power outage for hours (while my neighbors behind me once again enjoyed full power), the result was this mess.

This site is intended to be a place for news and information to be posted about this ongoing issue and what steps are being taken to force Xcel Energy to remedy this situation immediately (rather than try to follow along with email-after-email-after-email).

Come back, leave comments below, SEND ME YOUR STORIES and stay appraised so together we can get this power outage problem resolved -- Steve Borsch

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