My New Home Office

Office is upstairs in our new house with lots of light! (click image for a larger view)

As Michelle and I downsized to a smaller and low maintenance home — while also relocating from Minnesota to southern California — we decided to take our time buying furniture, sculpture, art and other items for our home in order to get what we really want. We also wanted items that would last…potentially for the remainder of our respective lives.

In my case I had a mission: I wanted a nice, functional, comfortable and inviting home office. A place where I’d enjoy my consulting and web work, engaging in my photography hobby and organizing thousands of scanned photos from before we left Minnesota, and a respite space just for me.

We ended up shopping at a high end retailer here in southern California that carried many fabulous brands, including one I was not familiar with (but Michelle was!) called BDI furniture. If you don’t know this brand you should: Their product is qualitatively second-to-none, very functional and gorgeous.

I admired their Corridor® office collection so that is what we purchased in Charcoal Stained Ash. With its etched glass tops (easily cleaned of even scratches with Windex and a 3M Scotch-brite pad) I am over-the-moon with the quality, fit-and-finish, and overall look of the desk and credenza.

You may notice in the photo that I also purchased a Herman Miller Embody chair. Talk about a comfortable, back-supporting office chair!

So when I think of my home office (not yet fully decorated, I might add) two words come to mind: mission accomplished.