In late 2021, after doing significant research on the electric vehicle (EV) space, I was focused on the 300+ mile range EVs and decided to order one in December of 2021. It came down to two vehicles: the Tesla Model Y Long Range or the Ford Mustang Mach-e Premium with Extended Range.

From the photos below, I'll bet you can guess which one I ordered.

I'm not going to go through all the reasons why the Mustang Mach-e (MME) was my choice, but suffice to say that build quality, Ford service, and how the MME hit the sweet spot of what I was seeking, is why I own it now.

NOTE: When buying I knew strategically what was happening in the battery space. I know that we're 2-3 years away from production ready solid state batteries that will sport both faster charging rates, less battery weight, and longer range. As such, I'll be selling this at some point when the timing is right to get my next EV.