Podcast Streaming Audio — A Solution for Minnov8


Since I have 1TB of space in Dropbox — and have only used 220GBs thus far — hosting the files there and re-publishing new links inside of each Minnov8 podcast post is the way to do it. But I could NOT figure out how to turn the Dropbox share link in to a streaming link so I could store them in my Dropbox account and have them stream.

Here is how the Dropbox share link looks: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pa6dqrbqhjck3ev/20080622_M8_Gang_1.mp3?dl=0

So I Googled like crazy and then got on Dropbox' support chat. The guy told me to replace "dl=0" with "raw=1". That didn't work and he was out of ideas (but I do have 250GBytes of streaming capability per day in my account...and we'll never go over that...especially since the site is now archived and not that active).

Next I poked around the 'net and discovered what to do: In the Dropbox share link replace "www.dropbox.com" with "dl.dropboxusercontent.com" and get rid of the question mark and "dl=0" altogether and leave the file-end as "mp3". This is what you then get:

Minnov8 Gang Podcast - Episode #1 - June 22, 2008


I'm nearly finished uploading all 15GBs+ of the podcast files to my Dropbox account and plan to do the following (Tim....if you have any good ideas to streamline this I'm all ears):


  • Copy each of the 400 Dropbox share links (plus a handful of others like interviews) to a text file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pa6dqrbqhjck3ev/20080622_M8_Gang_1.mp3?dl=0
  • With my tool TextWrangler I will then find-and-replace "www.dropbox.com" with "dl.dropboxusercontent.com" and get rid of the question mark and "dl=0" altogether and leave the file-ending as "mp3" so each link will be ready to be placed in the media field inside of Minnov8.com's podcast posts.
  • Then I will go in to each post and replace the link to the podcast. NOTE: I'll have to figure out how to make Podpress work with this setup.


Any thoughts or comments?

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