Borsch-Wolla Family History

My mother's maiden name was Wolla and, of course, my surname is Borsch. These are posts about my family history in no specific order.


In late 2021, after doing significant research on the electric vehicle (EV) space, I was focused on the 300+ mile range EVs and decided to order one in December of 2021. It came down to two vehicles: the Tesla Model Y Long Range or the Ford Mustang Mach-e Premium with Extended Range. From the photos…


Carol Wolla – In Loving Memory

My sisters and I lost our aunt Carol Wolla the evening of Sunday, June 28, 2020. She was 80 years old. Carol was married to her soulmate, our uncle Marty, and had recently turned 80 years old. Here is a video done in loving memory of her: Click the four arrows button below the video…


Borsch Delano Stores

Johann Borsch & his wife Susanna Zapp emigrated to Minnesota from Mehren, Germany in 1854. They settled in Wright County (in an unknown town). He had a grocery store/saloon and this is the only known photograph of the store. The family believes Johann is the one gesturing with his hat, but of that we are…


Ole P. Wolla

OLE P. WOLLA By Gladys Herland Ole P. Wolla (born March 4, 1876, died September 29, 1948) came to Minnesota in 1887 with his parents, Peder and Mathea Wolla, from Stange Station, near Hamar, Norway, where Peder had been a baker. At fifteen, Ole began to learn the blacksmithing trade in Benson, Minnesota. At 22…


Peder C. Wolla Family

Below are two family member write-ups about the Peder C. and Mathea P. Wolla family. Peder’s wife was Mathea P. Olsdatter Fallet and they emigrated to America from Norway. Peder and Mathea are my maternal great-great grandparents. PEDER C. WOLLA FAMILY by Mrs. Inga (Wolla) Larson Dad and Mother and their seven children came from…