Clothier-Herold Company
Alumni Photo and Apple Macintosh Hawaii-intro Photo

Clothier-Herold Company — Alumni Photo

I went to work for this firm representing Apple Computer as a manufacturers representative. Most of these people have been arrested and jailed for various felonies (kidding!).

It was an incredibly great experience and a wonderful group of people and why I had chances to participate in cool stuff which I outlined in two blog posts, one in 2005 and the other in 2009:

January 2005: Macintosh in 1983 (Wait! Wasn't it intro'ed in 1984 on the Superbowl?) (NOTE: Check out the photo below at the Apple M.A.S.H. party on Oahu when Steve Jobs and John Sculley choppered in on a medevac helicopter)

January 2009: Fall of 1983: Steve Jobs Introduces Macintosh to Us

The photo has been scanned and touched-up so you can download the high resolution TIF image here (36MBs).

Clothier-Herold Company
Apple Macintosh Hawaii-intro — November 1983 Photo

This Polaroid photo below is the ONLY thing I have remaining from the M.A.S.H. party in November 1983 when we were in Hawaii for the launch of Macintosh. The cheap, thin sweatshirt didn't last and I have never seen any photos.

Does anyone have any?

l-r: Jeff DeZellar; Steve Borsch; Rick Brestrup (woman in front is an unnamed Apple employee)