Photo Download

This is a photo of Alice (nee Mansour) Lamb sent to my wife, Michelle Lamb-Borsch, by JoAnn (nee Mansour) and Neal Olsen who said this:

"Hi, We found this picture of your mom in an old scrapbook of my moms. The original was as small as a postage stamp. After getting a larger copy, we thought it was so special you guys would like a copy. It looks like she was 13 at this time (circa 1928). Isn't she darling? We hope you have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year."

There are two versions of the image to download. One is a compressed JPG version (about 4MBs) and the other is a TIF version (about 12MBs — TIF is a very high resolution, non-compressed type of image). The TIF version is a great archive type of image format.