Who Downloaded and Assembled These Digital Books for Strisuksa School?

After being contacted by Strisuksa School’s Lynn Brown in late August of 2011 prior to a school visit to Minnesota that October, Steve Borsch downloaded all her requested Project Gutenberg books (as well as collecting other printed books in English from various sources) and built these web pages to make it easier to find and download the Project Gutenberg books from your school’s server.

If you are online and would like to ask any questions about these books, the formats they are in, or anything else (perhaps about Minnesota or the United States?), please
send an email to steve@steveborsch.com. You can also call me on Skype, but please send a chat message first to see if I am available to talk at that moment (Roi Et, Thailand is +7 GMT and we are -5 GMT so Minnesota is 12 hours behind you). My Skype username is borschski.

I would really enjoy hearing from you and to know how you are liking the books.