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Updates for the week of June 30th:

Check here every week (or more frequently----changes are often made during a given week) for updates to the site.

Seven Styles of Learning. Another wonderful article from our own Elaine Winters located in The Library.

More Job postings in JOBLINE. Skills of IICS'ers are in demand!

Corporate Members and Executive Members of IICS are a valued asset of our organization. Please take a peek at the companies who find it worthwhile to have a major stake in IICS membership.

Internet Society "International Ad Hoc Committee" disbanded. New group formed and the press release is here.

Front Page articles cover 56k modem technology, W3C disability accessibility initiatives, Internet naming plan and much, much more.

Electronic Commerce Insurance Coverage is here! Read a press release from a company offering it.

IICS Announces New Insurance Program for Members! If you're a self-employed member, or have an organization in need of good insurance, check out this new program.

Chapter Info is available in a special section for Chapter Officers and others involved in Chapter leadership. Please email the World Headquarters and request "Chapter-Info" URL.


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