SmartMedia, a division of Marketing Directions, Inc.

SmartMedia, a division of Marketing Directions, Inc., is headed by Steve Borsch.

Borsch is also the President of Marketing Directions, Inc., publishers of The Trend Curve and other special reports for the home furnishings industry.

Yikes!!! It's actually a photo of Steve Borsch!!

His background includes over 15 years of sales and marketing management at such companies as:

Apple Computer

Pioneer New Media

Authorware (now merged with MacroMedia)

Panasonic Communications & Systems Co.

NewTek, Inc.


In addition, Borsch has been involved in the International Interactive Communications Society (IICS) for over ten years, serving as:

President of the Minnesota Chapter (1992)

Communications Chair in the Minnesota Chapter

Editor of the IICS International Directory

Editor of 1996 NEWSLINE and IICS InTouch

Web Publisher for IICS International.

Since May of 1993, the SmartMedia team has been independently consulting in the areas of interactive communications technologies. Borsch and his team focus on assisting companies strategically in the areas of new media (i.e., information deployment on CD-ROM , the World Wide Web, etc.). Contracts have been with:

Minnesota, Mining & Manufacturing (3M)

Harcourt Brace College Publishers

Software firms needing strategic assistance

World Wide Web and Intranet development.


To be contacted directly, please email Steve Borsch, call or mail to:


SmartMedia (tm)

a division of Marketing Directions, Inc.

7805 Telegraph Road, STE 215

Minneapolis, MN 55438

Fon: (612) 944-6805

Fax: (612) 944-1704



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