WebCD Software Debuts

MarketScape Adds Multimedia support to WebCD software

New Hybrid Web/CD-ROM publishing software enables "push" of multimedia-enhanced Web content via CD-ROM


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado -- March 18 --MarketScape Inc. announced today a new version of WebCD(tm) software, the industry's leading hybrid Web/CD publishing solution. New features make it easy to combine Web content with multimedia presentations on a Net-connected CD-ROM. WebCD is used for interactive marketing and electronic publishing by leading firms including Microsoft, Intel, HP and The Cobb Group (Ziff-Davis).

WebCD combines the content, connectivity and browser interface of the Web with the speed, portability and capacity of CD-ROM.

WebCD v1.6 detects and optionally installs Shockwave for Director, Apple QuickTime 2.1.2, Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01. WebCD works within Netscape Navigator if installed previously. With these tools in place, anyone can browse multimedia-enhanced Web content without download delays, anywhere, combining the best of the Web and CD-ROM.

"Our culture of distraction makes it difficult to grab and hold interest," said Peter Hallett, director of marketing at MarketScape. "Our customers use WebCD to proactively distribute multimedia-enhanced Web content that leads buyers from product awareness, to preference, to purchase," Hallett said. "Electronic publishers are elated to develop content using HTML, add multimedia and deliver on both the Web and WebCD, dramatically cutting costs."

"We've found electronic media valuable for interactive product presentations," said Bob Berry, electronic commerce manager with Hewlett-Packard. "WebCD can let prospects experience our products much earlier in the buying cycle and at a much lower cost than traditional print and field demos." Berry explained, "No matter how fast the Web eventually becomes, CD-ROM will always be much faster."

Multimedia support in WebCD v1.6 sparked Berry's interest. "We are using WebCD to build our Web site on CD-ROM, add multimedia content, add links to the Web and add search capability," he said.

MarketScape also enhanced WebCD Live-Links(tm), which Microsoft is using to attract users to their Web site. "Though the big files don't change frequently, we update our site every day," said Mary Haggard, webmaster for Site Builder Network. "WebCD's ability to jump directly to our live site helps users get up-to-date information. It provides the best of both worlds."

According to Hallett, "The combination of eye-popping multimedia, no-wait Web content and live-links to the Web via a connected CD can motivate and educate consumers more effectively than a printed page, Web site or standalone CD could achieve individually."

Other features in WebCD v1.6 include:

Publishers can deliver a Shockwave presentation to welcome new users.

Launch independent applications or, as with PDF files, display content within the browser, without conversion.

Macromedia Director-based tutorial with QuickTime video teaches hybrid developers and proves WebCD's multimedia readiness.


WebCD exploits three industry trends: First, the adoption of HTML as the electronic publishing standard, making the Web a content warehouse.

Second, the Web browser has become the de facto standard interface for navigating interactive content. Third, fast CD-ROM drives are ubiquitous.



Peter Hallett 719-593-9890

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