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New image collections from PhotoDisc feature

health and medicine; industry and transportation

Other releases include new Object Series CD-ROMs featuring lions, tigers and bears; metaphors and symbols; travel and vacation icons and working bodies


SEATTLE - PhotoDisc, Inc., the leading publisher of over 50,000 professional-quality images on CD-ROM and online, today announced the release of two new collections of images featuring health and medicine and industry and transportation.

The new Health and Medicine 2 disc captures procedures and personalities in healthcare today. The CD-ROM features all aspects of medical treatment, from the waiting room and patient information files to x-ray and surgery. The 336 unique images also include natural treatments such as massage, herbal remedies and acupuncture. In direct response to high demand from customers for contemporary medical content, this disc includes images of homeopathy, women's health issues, immunization, eldercare and birth control aids.

"The images on this disc truly reflect today's healthcare issues," said Natalie Angelillo, PhotoDisc Vice President of Content Development. "These ethnically diverse images will be extremely useful for our customers."

PhotoDisc is also releasing the Industry and Transportation disc. The CD-ROM includes classic symbols of industry such as a smokestack, welding and factories combined with images of modern manufacturing. The disc also includes front loaders and cement trucks, and images of construction workers that help illustrate the many stages involved in a major construction project. Adding to the usefulness of the disc are a broad range of transportation-related images including images of subways, trains and shipping docks.

"This practical collection 'refreshes' two of PhotoDisc's most popular discs, Business and Industry and Business and Transportation," said Angelillo. "This disc includes images surrounding themes such as shipping and major manufacturing. It also responds to requests from our European customers for more images of manufacturing, industry and heavy machinery images."

As with all PhotoDisc Volumes, both Health and Medicine 2 and Industry and Transportation contain a total of 336 high-resolution images that have been drum- scanned and color-corrected for the best quality. Each image is available in two file sizes - 600K for browsing, comping and the web and 10MB for printing. Both are priced at $299.

Individual photographs from the Health and Medicine 2 and Industry and Transportation discs, in addition to the entire PhotoDisc CD-ROM collection, are available online at Each image on the web site can be downloaded individually via the Internet in 600K and 10 MB file sizes, and they range in price from $19.95 to $179.95.

New releases from the PhotoDisc Object Series include:

Object Series - Lions, Tigers and Bears, CMCD

The Lions, Tigers and Bears disc includes furry and slippery animals of the forest, savanna and swamp. A zebra, mountain lion, pachyderm, wombat, tegu lizard and desert tortoise are featured on this disc. With the added value of clipping paths, these images will save designers a lot of time. Each of the 120 drum-scanned images are available in two file sizes ( 600K and 10MB. Lions, Tigers and Bears is priced at $149.


Object Series - Metaphors and Symbols, CMCD

A rack of bones, a mouse in a maze and spilt milk are some of the many metaphors and symbols on this disc. These useful images await your foolproof puns and twists. Each of the 120 drum-scanned images are available in two file sizes ( 600K and 10MB. Metaphors and Symbols is priced at $149.


Object Series - Travel and Vacation Icons, C Squared Studio

This CD-ROM features gear that gets you going on an adventure and icons that conjure up warm, relaxing days. A beach ball, bikini, snowshoes, a backpack, and rolls of film as well as a passport, and a hotel "Do Not Disturb" sign are some highlights of this disc. These images are great for use in travel brochures and on web sites. Each of the 120 drum-scanned images are available in two file sizes ( 600K and 10MB. Travel and Vacation Icons is priced at $149.


Object Series - Working Bodies, Thomas Brummett

Filling this collection are professions ranging from bar bouncers and aerobic instructors to a seamstress and corporate office employees. Metaphors abound in this disc, including a classic corporate tug of war and a game of corporate hardball. Each of the 120 drum-scanned images are available in two file sizes ( 600K and 10MB. Working Bodies is priced at $149.

A pioneer in its field, PhotoDisc was the first publisher of royalty-free, high-resolution digital images and is regarded as the industry leader in both the creative and technical quality of digital images. PhotoDisc CD-ROMs are available nationwide thro

ugh the company's catalog and at major software retailers. Over 50,000 images are available online from PhotoDisc. Both CD-ROMs and individual images are available for purchase online through its web site at The company's products are available worldwide in over 50 countries including the European Community, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

For additional information and to order any PhotoDisc CD-ROM or a free catalog, call 1-800-528-3472 (USA).

PhotoDisc is a trademark of PhotoDisc Inc. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are used here for identification purposes only. PhotoDisc, an innovator in the industry, is the creator of the defacto standard for the royalty free model of digital images.

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