IICS Now Offers a Comprehensive Group Insurance Program

We've long known that IICS members are on the cutting edge of society. Which means that we have more than our share of entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, and principals and employees of small start-up companies. Yet as rewarding as professional life can be for these members, there's often a trade-off on the personal side. The unavailability of affordable group insurance.

That's why we're pleased to announce our new IICS Insurance Program, administered by Albert H. Wohlers & Co. - one of the country's leaders in group insurance programs. Now IICS members will be able to obtain excellent coverage, conveniently by mail, at special association rates.

The IICS Insurance Program includes:


Comprehensive Major Medical Insurance

A high-quality PPO plan with a $2,000,000 maximum benefit.


Short-Term Medical Insurance

Economical temporary medical coverage if you're between jobs.


$1,000,000 Catastrophe Major Medical Insurance

Pays in excess of what other insurance or Medicare may pay. Includes a special plan just for New York residents.


Term Life Insurance

Low-cost coverage that follows you anywhere in the world.


Disability Income Insurance

Provides monthly income benefits if you're unable to work.


All IICS members will shortly be receiving information on these five exceptional insurance plans. You can enroll for just the coverage's you prefer, and of course there is no obligation to participate.

However, members with immediate insurance needs don't have to wait for the official IICS insurance brochures and applications to be printed. Simply call Customer Service at 1-800-503-9230, or e-mail, and identify yourself as an IICS member. You'll receive complete information by return mail.

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