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Introducing ENEN, the award-winning Internet broadcasting service! ENEN, the Education, News & Entertainment Network uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver your training, sales presentation, seminar or other event in a new and exciting way! Communicate more thoroughly and WOW your audience!




Most businesses today have seminar and meeting needs. These gatherings can be quite expensive when you add travel, hotels and all the costs in-between.

NetSeminar saves those costs and adds value by allowing companies to broadcast live multimedia presentation over the Internet, including vocal and chat interactivity between speaker and participants. Participants can attend the live broadcast, or view an archived version anytime, from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No other medium available offers you this depth and flexibility! All you need is a computer with Internet access to attend.

ENEN clients have successfully used NetSeminar for public product announcements, sales training, engineering training, high level business meetings, parenting workshops and other private events. What can NetSeminar do for you?



A streamlined version of NetSeminar for simpler presentation without live interaction. Your audience can easily receive self-running, audio and visual presentations, on demand at any time. And even though it isn,t live, feedback mechanisms are still part of the program!



Using audio feed and still digital photography, you can broadcast live interviews from tradeshows or other events. NetInterviews have been effective for shows including the Design Automation Conference, Embedded Computing Show, Society for Information Display, Nepcon, DSP and others!


NetIndustry Headline News

Your company can be the voice of its industry 24 hours a day! ENEN broadcasts radio-like &headline news8 shows for different companies and different industries at specified intervals, daily, weekly or monthly. Archiving allows easy playback by the listener.

With your own news program, imagine the reach, communication and credibility you can achieve with the customers in your industry.



Custom fit any or all of ENEN,s services into a major NetEvent! Besides using the technologies listed above, we also tailor fit to meet your needs using:

Audience Development (Evite program) New!


Presentation Scripting

Remote Netcasting


Email, fax, phone with your needs today! And be sure to visit the new ENEN website at!



Karen Fairbend

E.N.E.N. (a Marshall Industries Company)


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