Electronic Commerce Insurance Coverage for Web Sites

InsureSite, is an insurance policy designed to address the liability exposures facing companies that conduct business over the Internet. The policy covers credit card theft and personal injury claims against a policy holder, as well as property damage to the web site itself, resulting from a breach of security at the insured's web site.

InsureSite covers an insured's liability for a third party's loss of money or electronic funds resulting from the theft of credit card data when conducting business on an insured web site. Financial loss coverage is available with limits of liability up to $250,000.

InsureSite also provides coverage for personal injury claims resulting from the electronic communication of information from, or unauthorized access to, an insured's web site. Covered personal injuries include libel, slander, and defamation of character. Personal injury coverage is available with limits of liability of up to $1,000,000.

Additionally, InsureSite covers an insured's computer equipment, electronic data and storage media for risks of direct physical loss resulting from vandalism, computer virus and other specified perils, as well as resulting business interruption. Physical damage is available with limits of liability starting at $50,000.

To find out more or apply for the insurance, please contact: Peter Fielder, Technology Insurance Specialist with Costello and Sons Insurance Brokers. Email Peter Fielder at or call 800-949-0640.



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