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Power Computing Files For IPO, Plans Intel-Based PCs

****Power Computing Files For IPO, Plans Intel-Based PCs 07/01/97 AUSTIN, TEXAS, U.S.A., 1997 JUL 1 (NB) -- By Patrick McKenna. Apple Macintosh clone manufacturer and marketer, Power Computing has confirmed the company filed documentation with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to take the company public through an initial public offering (IPO). All inquiries are directed to SEC documentation as the clone-maker remains silent on the details.

A careful reading of the approximately 80-page document ( ) reveals Power Computing plans at some point in the future to build and sell Intel-based clones. Having established itself as a price-cutting alternative to Apple's Macintosh line, Power Computing says the company will continue to have Mac-clone products as its core business.

However, the company, as part of future plans, will expand to include the WinTel (Microsoft Windows with Intel microprocessors) platform with a line of desktop computers and Windows-based NT servers. No dates or details are available at this time.

Newsbytes spoke to a Power Computing spokesperson who said the company is under strict orders from its legal department to refrain from answering any and all questions concerning the document or any implications one might assume from reading the filing. "I am sorry," said the spokesperson, "but we are in a 'quiet' period and cannot comment or make an official statement at this time."

Including Intel-powered computers into the company's line of products is not foreign to Power Computing president, Steven Kahng. In the 1980's, he headed one of the first private companies to build and sell IBM clones using Intel microprocessors.

Meanwhile, Power Computing continues to cut prices on its Macintosh clones and, yesterday, acknowledged entrance into Apple's sacred and protected market, educational institutions. Education Access, a premier reseller of Macs to the education market, announced the company will now carry Power Computing systems. Power Computing confirmed the Education Access release, but again, would not comment.

A new round of price cuts on high-end Mac clones ranged from $200 to $500 along with a major memory upgrade. All Power Computing PowerTower Pro systems with a 225 megahertz (MHz) or 250 MHz microprocessor ship with 128 megabyte (MB) of RAM. Pricing begins at $2,995. The company's mid-line systems, called PowerCenter Pro, now ship with 64MB of memory and pricing begins at $1,995.

More information is available at .

(19970701/Press Contact: Power Computing, 408-526-0500. Reported by Newsbytes News Network: /POWERCOMPUTINGLOGO/PHOTO)



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