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As quickly as possible we are planning the following:

Special Interest Groups (SIG's): I can barely wait to implement this aspect of the site. There are so many smart people in IICS that those of us not as smart can learn from one another. Community is important for us---and SIG's will allow us to learn from one another whether we live in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Denmark or Tokyo.
Here's how they will work. Threaded discussion areas---broken down within each SIG---will let people hold discussions and others to "follow along". You can start a discussion, continue/add to a discussion or just browse one.
Member Directory: While there will be a rudimentary implementation initially, a fully searchable (secure members only) online Directory is coming. That's right, an actual online Directory! This is probably the most oft-asked for aspect of the Web site. While not an enormous technical challenge, there still are several items that need to be put in to place before we can deploy this feature.
The Book Store: A secure "electronic commerce" area which will contain the hottest books that you need as an interactive professional. All at a discount to members. Hopefully, we can implement this quickly and make it a solid benefit of membership. NOW IMPLEMENTED!

Well, that's it. I sure hope you find this site meaningful and will participate in its growth. Without you, it's worth nothing.

I've been a member for over 10 years and have a tremendous amount of my energy and passion invested in this organization. Hopefully, it will show in how we care for and feed the site. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.


Best Regards,

Steven J. Borsch



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