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All New Web Site for '97   by Steve Borsch, Site Publisher

You may read the headline above and wonder, "Why is he telling me this...I can see for myself that the Web site is different!" My firm, SmartMedia (tm), is recreating and redeploying the IICS Web site and I thought you might like to know why it is changing and what will happen to it this year.

This IICS site is primarily a communications vehicle for IICS members and "brochureware" for those people interested in interactivity and curious how IICS can help. It is not HotWired, Pathfinder or c|Net----nor is it intended to be like them. They have huge budgets and staffs who accomplish some fun and amazing interactive feats.



Our goals for this site were quite modest----make it fast, logical and a structure which allows it to grow----yet meet the needs of the membership. Don't try to "geewhiz" everyone with animated gif's, Shockwave, streaming audio or Javascript. In fact, this site does not rely on the lowest common denominator browsers but instead assumes Netscape 2 or Internet Explorer 3 and above functionality. In other words, we tried to keep it simple, yet effective.

I guess it goes without saying that the nature of the Web itself is one that is dynamic and ever changing. Even though we wanted to deploy the best Web site possible, I felt it was vitally important that we deploy something immediately instead of waiting until the perfect site was created. Therefore, we are putting the site up in two phases. What you'll see within this site is the first phase.

I'd like to take just a moment to outline our vision for the site and take this opportunity to tell you that I am interested in your comments, suggestions and criticisms. The only way this site is going to meet your needs and evolve is for you to get involved. Be interactive...let me know what you think.

As you can see from the site structure menu at your left, there are five main sections (plus the Front Page and Home page) within the site:

What's New?: Like most sites on the Web, you want to come and see what is new on the site the moment you stop in. In our agreement with IICS, it states that several items on the site will change at least once per week or 50 times in 1997. This area is a resource for our organization. in the world can you stay on top of the new benefits, changes and more without such an area!?! Now you don't have to struggle....just stop in here whenever you feel like it and find the latest information.
This is the place to jump off to other Chapter Web sites, email their officers and find out information about your fellow members. Read the ByLaws and send people here that may care to become members.
NEWSLINE: Just what it says...this will be a replacement for the email newsletter and will be "newsy". This area is utilizing a service offered to us by the Newsbytes News Network. This will be something you'll want to look at every day (or at least once per week).We'll still send out an occasional email to you about important items which interactive professionals need to know.
JOBLINE: Come here to post jobs or RFP's if you're an employer OR view these if you're a member. This is one of those services that you asked for over and over again. We'll do our best to make this successful and a focal point in your job hunt or business building.
The Library: This is an area which will contain articles from members, "Edited Links(tm)" to hot interactive Web sites and---over time---white papers, presentations and other relevant resource material.


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