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A very special thank you needs to be said to Jeannine Parker, 1995 IICS international President and a true Internet and electronic communications visionary. Ms. Parker evangelized the Web site inside IICS beginning well over two years ago. What you see today is----in no small part----a direct result of her vision and commitment to our organization.

A special Thank You also goes to the 1996/1997 IICS Executive Boards. Without their decision-making skills on behalf of the thousands of IICS members, this Web site would be a useless collection of bits.

Silicon Reef

Our thanks go out to our Internet Service Provider, the folks at Silicon Reef. They've gone out of their way to help out the IICS with Web hosting and technical integration services.

These folks have really been great to work with and been more accomodating than they had to be (and put up with our sometimes demanding needs). They know what they're doing, they have excellent technical infrastructure and some cool technology we're implementing soon.

If you get a chance, say thanks to them through our liason, Doug Butler.



PHOTODISC Animated Gifs Online -- Click here

Many of the outstanding photographs used throughout the site were graciously donated by PhotoDisc. Thanks PhotoDisc!



NetObjects Fusion site link

This outstanding development tool is currently being used to create and implement Phase 2 of the IICS Web site. Our thanks to NetObjects for their support.



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Janet Freund


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Debra Palm

Erana Leiken 

Thomas Donahue, PhD

Paul Atkinson

Karen Marker

 Many other IICS'ers





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