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Seven Styles of Learning; the part they play when developing interactivity

by Elaine Winters Posted June 1997

Another wonderful article by Elaine Winters. If you develop interactive products then this article is sure to make you stop and think more deeply about your intended audience.

Information organization for the Post-Modem audience

by Elaine Winters Posted April 1997

Ms. Winters has a wonderful perspective on information design and a witty and quite readable style. Definitely worth your time!

Dr. Ken's Crystal Ball: Gazing at the Future of Interactive Media

by Ken Christie Posted March 1997

We are pleased to be offering a paper by IICS' own past-president, Ken Christie. He brings an experts opinion to bear on the topic of where our industry is headed.

Prior to reading his article, you may want to take a peek at Ken's backgrounder so you're able to see the wealth of experience he's gained to enable him to understand the market forces driving our business----Editor.

The Virtual Decade

by Judy Nollet Posted March 1997

Judy Nollet is an accomplished writer and wordsmith who is also someone possessing an interesting world perspective and wry wit. She has "labeled" our decade!

Audience, Content, and some personal observations on the Development Process

by Elaine Winters Posted February 1997.

Elaine Winters is a real "bright light" and has some interesting things to say about what we do.

Starting and Maintaining a Special Interest Group

by Paul Atkinson and other Los Angeles IICS Members. Posted January 1997.

This article, written over a year ago, has a tremendous amount of relevancy today to IICS Chapters from around the world. Learn about one Chapters successful venture into SIG's.

Making Good Multimedia Design

by Karen Marker. Posted January 1997.

Karen Marker, long time IICS member, shares some of her thoughts, ideas and experiences in multimedia design.

Doing Business Online: Linking Up

by Erana Leiken Posted January 1997

Ms. Leiken shares her experience and ideas for collaborative work and idea sharing online.

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Annotated Links

This is an opportunity for you, an IICS member, to showcase your links. By annotating them, you can tell others why they should visit the sites you recommend. In this way, people can go to sites that are important to interactive professionals. We can learn from one another, find the great interactive resources on the 'net and share them with the world.

Roundtable Links

Thought you might be interested in this compilation of links that SmartMedia recently received via email. Could be something for all IICS Chapters to explore offering in their own area---in order to make the local Chapter even more important to others in their community.

Michael D. Reichgut is Chairman of the Communications Roundtable----an association of 22 organizations focused on communications, public relations and information in the Triangle North Carolina area.

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Resources is the place to find "white papers" and other meaningful information obtained by the IICS. In addition, specific topics (like ISDN, DVD, etc.) will be covered with relevant links to available resources on the 'net.

If you've spent any time involved in multimedia courseware or related development, you've undoubtedly heard of Dr. David Merrill. Dr. Merrill has a small site (with big ideas) which is worth visiting.

Corrie Bergeron, IICS Minnesota member writes, "(This site contains...) Dr. M. David Merrill's commentaries on instructional design. For decades, Dr. Merrill has been a leader (some might say gadfly) in developing practical tools based on sound instructional theory. Whether or not you agree with him, his wit and erudition make for interesting reading."

100% Pure Java

Sun Microsystems Announces 100% Pure Java Program


Sun Microsystems, creator of the Java language, has a very interesting "site" within their main site that is geared toward the Java language. There is a White Paper, a press release and alot of other information for anyone interested in this revolutionary new computer language. Here is the first paragraph from their site:

"The 100% Pure Java (tm) Initiative is a marketing and technology program designed specifically for developers of Java software applications. It is intended to give developers guidance on how to write 100% Pure Java applications and to provide them with marketing support once the applications are ready for the marketplace. This initiative has already gained widespread industry support. "

If you, one of your clients or the company you work for have relevant interactive technical documents you think the membership would be interested in, please contact us. We'll post the paper here as a resource for IICS members and others interested in new media.

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