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Yes! I Want to Join The IICS


 Individual $120

 Renewal $95

Executive $350 

Renewal $325 

Four individuals from the same company or organization

Corporate $675

Renewal $650

Eight individuals from the same company or organization

 Student $75

Renewal $50

(Copy of student I.D. required)


Faculty $100

Renewal $75

(Copy of faculty verification required)


If Executive or Corporate Membership, please list each individuals name and mailing address here:


To which Chapter will your application apply?:


Contact Name :





 Zip/City Code:


 Work Phone:

  Work Fax:

Home Phone:

  Primary Email:


Please check your primary interests:

Multimedia CD-ROM Internet/Online
Games Virtual Reality Education



Number of years in interactive media:


 Do you own a modem or are you connected to the Internet?



 At what speed?


 Primary platform:


 I am interested in volunteering at the local or international level. Please contact me



I am interested in donating products or services to the IICS.



I am interested in offering discounts on products or services to IICS members. 



 Please contact me about opportunities to advertise in IICS communications.




You must "Submit" or your application will not be sent. Once we receive your application, we will send you an invoice. Thank you!


As an option, print this page on your printer and mail or fax to:


Debra Palm, IICS Managing Director

IICS World Headquarters

10160 SW Nimbus Ave STE F 2

Portland, OR 97223

Phone: (503)620-3604 Fax: (503)620-7857



NOTE: IICS Dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal tax purposes, but may be deductible as a business expense.




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