The IICS Organization


A Brief History of IICS

by Roberta Binder (edited by Debra Palm)


In the early 1980s, interactive professionals were a widely scattered group of individuals who often felt very alone in a vast sea of people who had no idea what interactive technology meant (and would mean in the future). A sales representative for one of the pioneering industry product manufacturers, Victoria Vance, traveled throughout the country and heard the need for communications and networking.

On a trip to the west coast, Vance met with a budding group of interactive "explorers". They all sat down together, one long evening in San Francisco and decided to band together and form a professional organization to share information, ideas, trials, projects and goals. This was the first meeting of what was to become the International Interactive Communication Society. (IICS) The year was 1983.

As this core group traveled on business, they begun to meet like minded interactive explorers who wanted to join the networking resource. In 1985, the IICS was incorporated as the professional organization of the interactive technologies community.

If you were involved with the early formation of the IICS please email the IICS World Headquarters. We would like to compile a complete historical record on the IICS. Any anecdotes along with names and facts would be welcomed.


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