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An Executive Membership to the IICS is a valued asset to both the company and to IICS. It allows a corporation to have four or more people as active IICS members, as well as providing IICS with support and the recognition that companies such as these deem IICS worthy and critical to their employees.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following companies for their support:




American Express Financial Advisors Inc


American Family Insurance


Better Image Productions


Cadmus Interactive


Chroma Studios/Digichrome Imaging


Common Sense Interactive




Connecting Images, Inc


"Dayton's, Hudson's, Marshall Field's"


Design Media


Electronic Vision, Inc.


Golden Dome Productions


Ikonic Interactive, Inc.


Illustructions, Inc


Impact Communications Inc.


Integrated Strategies, Inc.


InterWeave Entertainment, Inc


IVI Publishing


Kaufer Miller Communications


KVO Advertising




Martiny Interprises




Microware Systems Corporation


Motorola Corporation


NB Digital Solutions


New York Production Guide


North Communications


Pathlore Software Corp


Penton Publishing, Inc.


PRC EMI Multimedia Group


Prentice Hall New Media/Simon & Schuster


Rand McNally New Media


Ross Products Division, Abbott Labs


Sofmap Future Design, Inc


St. Edward's University


Top Drawer Productions, Inc.


Total Training Solutions


TRO Learning


United Parcel Service


US Web System Logic


V Communications


Visual Symphony, Inc.


VJ Enterprises


Watts-Silverstein and Associates


Writers Guild of America, West


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