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FROM THE WORLD HQ by Debra Palm, Managing Director

As we go into a new year, I am very excited to see changes being made within the IICS. The new web site is one step. I am looking forward to 1997 being a year of redesign all the way around. The IICS is entering its fourteenth year and must change with our ever changing industry. The IICS was begun by individuals involved in the pioneering days of the electronic and interactive field. To remain relevant we need input on what you want YOUR PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY to be. Feedback is encouraged! Volunteers with fresh ideas and energy are welcomed as well. All that is required is a good sense of humor and the willingness to work together as a team.

The web site is our central meeting point and will be used to the fullest this year. Steve Borsch, IICS Web site publisher, has promised to make weekly updates and to work to make the web site deserving of your visit. It will become an information source for the member, chapter, and those wanting to find out what this organization is all about.

We have new Executive Officers who I am looking forward to working with this year. The IICS is run by this Board of Directors who were elected by the membership. Each chapter chooses a Chapter Representative to serve on this board as well. Together major decisions are made as to what direction the Society takes. Input by the membership is critical for the Society to represent the industry it helped shape. So talk to your local chapter board or email your new Executive Board.



Be sure to inform the IICS World Headquarters if you have a new email address or a new snail mail address. We want to make sure we are up-to-date. If we have erred in the spelling of your name----let us know! Our goal is to be accurate and we always appreciate communications from our members. We feed the information we receive at the IICS Headquarters to the IICS chapters around the world.



To start a chapter, become involved with a local chapter or to find out more about the IICS in general -- please feel free to give the IICS HQ Office a call or drop us an email.

I want to thank all those who have served the IICS in the past and welcome those who step up to the plate in 1997. This year will be a year of transformation for the IICS. If I may quote from "Toy Story" a movie played daily at our house..."To infinity and beyond!"


Warm regards,

Debra Palm

IICS Managing Director



NEWSFLASH BY MONTH: NEWSFLASH is an email bulletin sent each month from Debra Palm to IICS Chapters.






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