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A Corporate Membership to the IICS is a valued asset to both the company and to IICS. It allows a corporation to have eight or more people as active IICS members, as well as providing IICS with support and the recognition that companies such as these deem IICS worthy and critical to their employees.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following companies for their support:


American Greetings


Andersen Consulting


Apple Computer, Inc


Corbis Corporation


Digital Planet


Edwin Schlossberg Inc.


GTE Interactive Media


Handshaw & Associates


Hewlett Packard Company


Hollywood Online, Inc.


Holt, Rinehart and Winston






Microware Systems Corporation


Pioneer New Media Technologies


Proxima Corporation


Source W


ST Labs


Techwrite, Inc


The Whitley Group


Viacom New Media




West Publishing Company


William M. Mercer, Inc.


Zenger Miller


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