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Jupiter Communications, the leading market research company covering the consumer online industry, is delighted to extend a 20% discount to IICS members off Web Development Strategies, a comprehensive report addressing the kinds of companies developing sites, as well as critical issues such as revenue generation and site funding, guidelines for successful site development, generating traffic, and forming profitable alliances and partnerships.

For more information, point your browser to

To qualify for the discount, order online and identify yourself as a IICS member in the Special Code section of secure Web form at


Advanstar Associates (408)659-3070

Tom Adams - 10% off The AIM Report

(reg.$550) (Advanstar Interactive Multimedia)

For sample copy 800-868-8124

BRP Publishing (202) 842-0520

15% off Information & Interactive Services

Report Reg. price $495/yr IICS price $419/yr



(212)580-0615 $50 off Reg. price $299

The BZ/Rights Stuff

The Mini-Encyclopedia of Public Domain



The Carronade Group (213) 935-7600

15% off The Multimedia Directory


The CyberMedia Group


50% off CyberMedia 2001 (Monthly Pub)


Emerging Technology Consultants, Inc. (612) 639-3973

15% off The Multimedia and Videodisc

Compendium (Multimedia Titles)


Frost & Sullivan (212)964-7000, X219

15% off Generic market research reports.


Future Systems Inc. 800-323-3472

1.$50 off Multimedia Monitor monthly (reg.$395)

2.$50 off Multimedia Alert weekly (reg.$395)

3.10% off Designing Multimedia:An Interactive Toolkit book (reg.$39.95)

4.10% off Training Cost Model software for DOS (reg.$49.95)


Ladera Press (415) 328-6561

1. 10% off Multimedia Law & Business Handbook

2. 10% off Multimedia Contracts


Learning Technology Institute (703) 347-0055

20% off Instruction Delivery Systems


MacMillian Publishing 800-428-5331

Cool Mac Sounds - Craig O'Donnell

List price $24.95 IICS price $14.97

Reference source code = IICS


Penton Publishing(212)309-7651

$10 off MSRP Nowmedia CD-ROM (reg.$59.95)

20% off Millimeter Magazine.(reg.$60)


Phillips Business Information

800-777-5006 $100 off the following publications:

· Interactive Daily · Multimedia Week · New Media

Week · Inter.Mktg. News · Interactive Video News


Vicarious (415)610-8339

Discount of $10.00 off the retail price of Our Times (a multimedia encyclopedia of the 20th century) Discounts on other titles. Call or email for details.


Public Domain Report 800-827-9401

$100 off regular subscription rate of $395


Seybold Publications 800-325-3830

$100 off Digital Media: A Seybold Report


Stewart Publishing (703) 354-8155

10% off Interactive Health Care Newsletter


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Aladdin Systems, Inc. (408)761-6200

1. Stuffit Deluxew/Space Saver - $39.95 2. Desktop Tools - $39.95 3.SITcom - $39.95 4.Stuffit Space Saver - $34.95 ~Ask for IICS/User Group Discount


Centercom(800)877-3873 Brian Axtman

20% off MPEG compression service. 48 hr turn around.


Com.Sortium (212)753-6600

15% off web based software. Custom Oracle databasing on the www.


Casaday & Greene (408)484-9228

Conflict Catcher($49.95), Games (AmoebArena,

Glider Pro CD, Zone Warrior-$24.95 ea.,2 for

$34.95, all 3 for $49.95)& InfoGenie($39.95)Ask

about other deals!


GTE Interactive Media 1-800-GTE-TODAY

GTE Interactive Media is offering incredible

discounts on its CD-ROM software to IICS

members! Here's what you should do...


1. Visit the GTE web site and check out the

available games. <>

2. Grab your credit card and call the GTE order line

at 1-800-GTE-TODAY.

3. Tell the freindly operator the secret password,

"IICS is like, totally awesome dude! Give me a

VIP discount, please."


MSRP IICS Special Price

Timelapse 64.99 32.50

EF2000 64.99 32.50

NCAA Basketball 59.99 30.00

Titanic 59.99 30.00

FX Fighter Turbo 49.99 25.00

Offensive 49.99 25.00

Sea Legends 49.99 25.00

Worms 49.99 25.00

Rolling Stones 49.99 20.00

Dust 34.99 17.50

Forrest Gump 34.99 17.50

Skull Cracker 34.99 17.50

Activity Pack 24.99 12.50

Discovery Pack 19.99 10.00


(Shipping & Handling are at the regular telephone order rates.)


We thank you for your support of GTE Entertainment, and welcome your comments to Dick Larkin, VP Sales


Graphic Advantage, Inc. (216) 646-9939

$100 off Master CD-Rom disc order

1. One-offs in ISO 9660

2. Apple HFS

3. Orange Book 2 Multisession CD's


Hansen Media (503)635-3800


The MPEG Benchmark Disc - 20% off $99 LP


Interactive Papyrus (719)590-7338

15% off mTropolis from mFactory- A

Mac/Win Authoring tool; $4995 less 15%

(Customs/Shipping not included.) 15% off Digital

Interactive Productions Services Website/Interface

Design/MM Development


Interactive Video Solutions 800-873-3472

1. 15% off Comsell Interactive Courseware

Programs and Phillips CD-I players and discs

2.15% off DVI and CD-Rom 3.15% off MPEG Encoder


Penton Publishing 800-326-4146

$10 off MSRP Nowmedia CD-Rom $59.95


Sho-Me Electronic Publishing Tool

1-800-361-3202 - 25% off Sho-Me/Pro Reg.$399, VISION Reg. $599, DIDS Reg. $895, LIBERTY Reg. $2500


Vision Wise Inc.(214) 979-9473 Timothy or

Tony Capper - 10% discount on MPEG encoding of your video onto CD-Rom for PC, Mac and CD-I


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CAD Institute (602)437-0405

20% off on the various training packages offered in the CAD, Virtual Reality and Multimedia training programs (non degree only) Call for catalogue.


ITEC Conferences (503)520-8889

Free Admission to IICS members!


Knowledge Industry Publications800-800-5474 Call for IICS Discounts!


Softbank Conferences/Trade Shows

Must contact Adam Nieto - (415)578-6893 IICS Members receive a group discount for all shows - depending upon total number of IICS members registering - plus a discount for signing up before the early bird date. Contact Adam directly!


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Ronn Rogers (214) 490-9171

1.Register your resume for free 2.Recruiting services at special rates for IICS member firms. 3. Free Placement (all fees paid by employer)


Management Recruiters of Seminole, Inc. - Greg Richardson, Multimedia Specialist (813)345-8811/

Relocation experts. Discounts on various services.


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(800)475-9000 Contact Jan McDonalds

15%off membership dues


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Legal Services

Marty Stoneman (602)263-9200

First phone consultation is free to members. Copyright and intellectual properties attorney, specializing in multimedia.


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Variety of Deals!


User Group Connection: 800-350-4842 - Call and request a catalog.

Web Page:

IICS is registered as a User Group with the UGC, allowing IICS members to take advantage of a wide variety of discounts.


The Interactive Bean: (312)528-2881

An Internet Cafe: 1137 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago

15% off Internet Access

15% discount on hourly computer rentals.


Rod Casey, Photography (206)322-8463

15% off Stock Photography


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- Benefit Discounts are for IICS members.Discounts cannot be combined with any other offer and are subject to change.

- Orders must be placed through company listed.

- Identify yourself as an IICS member, User Group member or send a copy of membership card with order.

- No retroactive discounts after invoice has been issued or full payment processed.

- IICS is not responsible for any errors, mistakes or cancellations either made by the IICS or the company offering the discount. It is the IICS members responsibility to verify the cost and product guarantee.


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