The Start

The trip began without incident. Michelle, Alex and Biz took Dad & I to the airport. Some minor weather problems in Chicago caused delays of about one hour. No problem.

Alex and Biz: both Grandpa and I had fun with you two and are sure glad you brought us to the airport! It was fun to have you two there.

Grandpa and I had lunch in a nice deli-style restaurant in the airport and had a nice talk. Since our flight to Germany was originally scheduled to leave at 2:40 but was now going 15 minutes later, we figured we had plenty of time.

We showed up at the gate (just a few steps from the restaurant) and everyone had already boarded the plane! Oops! But we got on just fine.

The plane is very cool and new. It is a Boeing 777 and do you know what the coolest part is you guys? There are little TV's in the back of every single seat. People around me are watching TV and soon I'll turn mine on too. There is music of every type available by switching to the music channels.

Biz---you would love this stuff and Alex---there are even cartoons on the TV too!

Grandpa and I are just going to eat dinner. Here is a photo of Grandpa and I about two hours outside Chicago on the plane and just before dinner:

Grandpa waiting anxiously for dinner


Here is Dad (so happy that he jogged this morning)


Look for more tomorrow (August 18th).....