August 30th: We're in Frankfurt----our last city before home...

We're at the Hotel Mercure (great recommendation Michelle!) and spent our last day here poking around the shopping district.

It was kind of an interesting day. First, we parked near the Hauptbaunhof (the train station) and looked inside. It is MASSIVE and loaded with trains. Unfortunately, the area surrounding the station is quite seedy, dirty and no place for a couple of guys from Minnesota.

We traveled down Kaiserstrasse (Kaiser Street) on foot past various establishments (several for "big people" only ) and quickly made our way to the fancy shopping district to finish buying stuff for our loved ones.

We mainly spent time at the huge department store, Kaufhof. It was so big it even has a full-fledged grocery store inside! We spent about 2 hours there, gawking at all the "stuff".

We came back to our hotel around 4pm so I could go for a run. Then, it was time for dinner. We headed to the Steinberger Frankfurter Hof hotel (remember Michelle? It was the one we stayed at here years ago) and ate at "Oscars" restaurant. It was the second best meal we've had since we've been here and the service was impeccable.

We're all packed and ready to go. Time for bed and to dream of familiar Minnesota things.


Auf Wiedersehn