August 27th: Continuing on down the Romantische Strasse (Romantic Road)



It's official.....we're in Bavaria. We ended our day in Munich and are amazed what a busy and dynamic city it is. At this date (and after being on the road so long) we just want to get moving again. Both of us like the sleepy little (and more authentic) German towns.

So tomorrow, we're going to see what will undoubtedly be a grim stop: the Dachau concentration camp. It is part of a history both of us know so well. Don't expect pictures.

Then it is off to Southern Germany and the Bavarian Alps dividing Germany and Switzerland. It looks amazing and beautiful from our books and should be so in person.


BMW Headquarters on the way in to Munich. We were disappointed,----they weren't giving away free cars today----we asked real nice too.


"Mad King" Ludwig---who once reigned here (and built spectacular castles and residences)


A loooooooong street in Munich. Amazing old buildings and residences.


That's all folks!