August 26th: Wurzburg & Rothenburg

Along the Romantic Road were quaint and picturesque little towns. None prepared us for the amazing and wonderful medieval town above the Tauber river: Rothenberg ob der Tauber.

Talk about inspiration for Disneyland! Block after block of restored medieval houses, churches, castles, walls and gardens! I could walk for hours!

I cannot go on long enough about how wonderful this place is....even though 40% of the town was lost to British air raids in WWII, the restoration job is tremendous. It puts any other historic town I've been in to shame.

A Rothenberg street scene from our hotel room


A Rothenburg street at night


Hey kids! This shop window had little animals dancing and trains going around!


This bear was yelling, "Hey Biz and Alex...find a teddy bear and hug it tonight. Pretend it is your Daddy."


It's off to bed now. Grandpa and I are going to really walk around Rothenberg tomorrow and then go on to Munich. We plan on spending Wednesday and Thursday nights in Munich and Friday night in Heidelberg. Then it off to Frankfurt for Saturday and home Sunday!