August 26th: Wurzburg & Rothenburg

Wurzburg is the start of the "Romantische Strasse"(Romantic Road) and it truly beautiful. We arrived in Wurzburg about lunchtime and took a look around.

The main activity of our stop was to visit the Marienberg Fortress. It was the residence of the prince-bishops from 1253-1720.

We toured a magnificent museum which included some of the most interesting works I've seen yet. Paintings from the 14th - 18th centuries, sculptures, furniture, flags, armament and most interesting were several artificats found near Wurzburg that predated Christ by several centuries! And we could look at them!

The Marienberg Fortress----high upon a hill overlooking Wurzburg


Yep....that's me heading inside!


Wurzburg from the fortress


A cannon room inside the fortress


The "Residence" built for a 16th century bishop who thought the fortress was too limiting. This Residenz is four times the size of what you see here. It is VERY wide.


On to Rotenberg