August 25th: Berlin/Quedlinburg/Erfurt

We left Quedlinburg and headed toward the Harz Mountains (as big as the Rockies millions of years ago----now just big bumps in the landscape). They were very beautiful but the driving was SLOW!

The Harz Mountains in the distance


In the Harz Mountains. It is said that fairies dance in the woods and trolls live under every bridge....


A panoramic shot of Erfurt. We were going to try to get to Wurburg tonight but had to stop here since it was already 6pm.


I went running tonight in Erfurt. While keeping to main roads, it was still sort of unnerving to see the decay, Soviet-style "boxes with windows" built as housing for Erfurt'ers and all of the disaffected "negativ's" or youth, hanging around with nothing to do.

The people at the Radisson we're staying at (with no air conditioning like most European hotels and it is HOT tonight) sort of laughed at me when I inquired about my safety. Seems that everyone is eager to ensure tourists feel safe and secure and are willing to spend Deutschmarks.

Grandpa and I walked down to the newly renovated market square in Erfurt and had a nice dinner.

That's it for tonight! It's off to Wurzburg and down the Romantic Road tomorrow. We're going to try for Rothenburg ob der Tober since it is supposed to be an amazing town.