August 24th: Berlin


The Third Reich's military headquarters. We also drove by the former site of Gestapo Headquarters, the site of the bunker where Hitler committed suicide with Eva Braun, as well as the Reichstag, the former seat of parliament.


You can barely see it, but there is one of the few remaining guard shacks along the site of the former Berlin Wall. There were once 500 of them.


The Berlin Wall was actually two walls running for miles with a "no man's land" in the center. This land is the most desired in all of Europe and there is a MAJOR construction boom happening!!!

At one time, we probably saw 50 of these cranes and dozens of new buildings going up! There is undoubtedly hundred's of millions of dollars being spent.

We went by Checkpoint Charlie, several magnificent buildings built by Frederick the Great, Humbolt University (where Einstein, Marx and Lenin graduated) but I ran out of space on the digital camera! I've got film photos, though.

Tomorrow it is off to Quedlinburg in the old East Germany and apparently one of the finest representations of an old medieval town we'll encounter.