August 24th: Berlin

This is a BIG city. I view it as a cross between New York and Chicago----although the population is only 3.5 million.

Grandpa and I awoke this morning and after a quick breakfast, headed to a 3 hour bus tour. We decided to do the bus tour since it would take me most of a day just to find the "sites" let alone be able to understand what we are viewing.

The tour was wonderful. It took us by a number of interesting sites (and these pictures can't do them justice).

The front of the Olympic Stadium from the 1936 Olympics. We couldn't get too close since Adidas was putting on some sort of basketball clinic. The grounds were covered with basketball hoops and jammed with kids playing buckets.


The palace of Queen Charlotte (wife of Friedrich Wilhelm II----king of Prussia). We didn't go inside since the tour itself is an hour or so.


The Tiergarten----a wonderful park near the old city center. The Berlin Wall was just across the street.


The Brandenburg Gate. This once was one of the entrances to Berlin in the 1700's (and the road led to a town called called Brandenburg). I remember Hitler's troops marching down the Unter Den Linden (the street leading to this gate) in old newsreels and films I've seen.


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