August 23rd: Celle and Berlin

In order to try to keep to our itinerary (somewhat), we took off for Berlin. Berlin is HUGE, dirty and crowded----like many major American cities!

I set us up in a nice Holiday Inn in a good neighborhood for Saturday and Sunday night. We went out tonight and did something REALLY exciting----we did our laundry. Oh least that is done (it only took one hour). Thank goodness there was an English speaking German inside---he translated the machine instructions for us (which would've taken me considerably longer than the 5 minutes we spent to figure it out)!

Tomorrow, we are taking a 3 hour bus tour of Berlin to see the highlights. After driving around here for part of the day, I realize that it would take me about an hour just to find ONE sight to see let alone several! On the tour, when we see something we really want to spend the afternoon admiring, we'll go back.

On the autobahn in to Berlin. The tower to the left is on the OlympiaStadion site...


The OlympiaStadion is the location of the infamous 1931 Berlin Olympics. In particular, Hitler was making all participants dip their flags in salute to him when passing the reviewal stand. Jesse Owens, the black Olympian (who embarassed Hitler by being a non-Aryan who bettered his Aryan athletes), refused to dip the American flag stating, "this flag dips for no man". Wow.


Kaiserstrasse. I remember seeing films of Nazi columns parading down this street in huge parades.


Hi kids! I'm working on sending these web pages to you! Hope you like them!