August 23rd: Celle and Berlin

We hit the road from Hameln early today and made it in to Celle by lunchtime. In Celle, most of the houses (at least in the Alstadt----the town centre) date fromthe 16th and 17th centuries. The oldest was built in 1526.

The interesting thing we found was that we like Hameln better! Celle was overrun with tourists and tour buses.


A typical street scene in Celle


A wonderful building constructed in 1562


The Herzogschloss (schloss means castle)


One of the landmarks of the town, the Herzogschloss (the palace of the dukes of Brunswick and Luneburg) is a square Renaissance castle with a tower at each corner and a moat surrounding it. You could almost see the clip-clopping horse-drawn carriages---with men in wigs and women in hoop skirts----coming in for a ball.


Oh no!!!!! This knight in armor chased me through the schloss!!


Grandpa has been searching for poppy seed kuchen (a German cake his grandmother made). He found it in this bakery!! (Even though it didn't quite taste the same as he remembered).

He just finished several satisfying bites.


On to Berlin