August 22nd: Not Yet to Hannover

(too many cool things to see)

Grandpa and I slept in today.....not because we wanted to but we just did! I woke up at 8:45am and he awoke at 9:15. We hit the road about 10:30am.

Already (based upon the preliminary itinerary I put together before we left) we are two days "behind". But not has been very enjoyable and we often would like to just stay put. But we're both concerned about missing out on the wonderful sights to see in Southern Germany.

Today, we were going to Hameln, through Hannover to the a little town called Celle. Then overnight in Berlin. We didn't make it----we're staying in Hameln.

Instead of pushing it too hard, we stopped off in this glorious little town called Padeborn where we could've easily spent the day. It had a magnificent cathedral and many fine shops.

This gorgeous huge cathedral made up for our disappointment

in the Dom in Koln (Cologne).


Grandpa obviously enjoying his cappucino in the market square

in front of the cathedral. There are vendors of fruits and vegetables

setting up in the background.


On to Hameln....