August 21st: Mehren to Hannover (almost)

We ended up short of making it to Hannover as we waited for one hour on the autobahn due to construction or an accident----we're still not sure. It then took us an excruciatingly long time to make it to an industrial city called Dortmouth. We'll drive the one hour to Hannover tomorrow.

Tomorrow it is off to the village of Pied Piper fame (Hameln) then to Celle to see the wonderful medieval village. We'll overnight in Berlin and get a fresh start Saturday.

Michelle----in Dortmouth I saw the following:

An interesting lamp store with really nice items.


More lamps with architectural influences (how'd I do trend maven?).


A bed at the Thomas Studio. Lime green (think it's a trend?)


Me getting ready to say "Guten Morgen Dortmund".

I'm going to sleep now so I can say it to the whole town tomorrow.


Guten Abend meine Frau und Kinder!