August 20th: Mehren


We find a Borsch familie headstone in a local graveyard. Our curiousity is picqued!

Grandpa is investigating the quite pretty and interesting method of grave tending: the families plant flowers in an enclosed area to bring life to their loved ones. It is very nice.


We see this sign on a small shop in nearby Daun. It is "Druckerei Borsch" so we go inside. The old fellow inside cannot speak English, we cannot speak German so we muddle around for awhile. After exchanging cordialities, we leave somewhat disappointed.


In nearby Daun, we discover an applicance store called "Elektro Borsch". The woman at the counter stares at us in the parking lot as we take pictures. We go inside. She, her husband and son are kind enough to talk with us (albeit only her son can tackle English). We learn of a Nickolas Borsch who is in a nearby nursing home with a daughter living in the US.

Unfortunately, they are unable to tell us much. But they do point out that they are NOT related to the Mehren Borsch's (as far as they can tell) and tell us about a town near Mehren with some Borsch's that are. We go there, the town is sort of dumpy and worn (while Mehren and Daun are fantastic) so we leave without discovering anything.

Our experience here is that younger people speak some or much English while older people do not. Something to do with the post-World War II educational initiatives.

Bye for now.....