August 19th: Mainz & "Up the Rhine"

The journey up the Rhine river (known as the "highway"of Europe) was very pretty and interesting. It was peppered with castles which we would've loved to seen but could have never done so on our schedule. We did see one, however.....

Grandpa in front of the castle. There is a real drawbridge and moat!

Look out for the alligators Grandpa!


Another shot of the outside of the castle. It was a tad bit dilapidated and I

can only imagine what it costs to maintain this big building.


One of the rooms inside the castle.

I could just "feel" the knights preparing for battle!


A photo of the Rhine from the castle. The river is beautiful and

all along the banks are vineyards (some of which you can see in the distance).


End of this day (I'm tired!). Until tomorrow then (provided I keep getting decent Internet connections).