August 19th: Mainz & "Up the Rhine"

One of the highlights of the Main stop was the magnificant cathedral we saw. Filled with enormous rooms, chapels and elaborately sculpted stone carvings, it was a center of Mainz both spiritually and culturally from 900 A.D. until the late 17th century.

St. Martin's Catholic Cathedral. This picture does NOT do

it justice. The only cathedral I've seen to match this one is

Westminster Abbey in London. This one is magnificent!


The "Dom" or archbishop who wielded incredible religious

and secular power in medieval times. This fellow was responsible

for building this cathedral and is buried in a crypt under the church.

(Note: That is sunshine glaring on the camera lens and NOT divine intervention)



My biggest interest in Mainz was in seeing the Gutenberg Museum, named for their famous son Johannes Gutenberg. I believe that the World Wide Web is the most fundamental change in human communication since Gutenberg invented the printing press. I was not disappointed. See why here.