August 18th: Frankfurt

Today was quite a sleepy day but a good start to our trip. We arrived without incident at a little after 6am Frankfurt time (11pm Minneapolis time). The only downside was fighting our way past people in customs to stay in the line.

We checked in to the hotel Mercure and they had a room ready for us at 9:45! It was SO wonderful to get cleaned up after such a long flight.

After a quick shower and clothes change, we headed down to Romerberg Square, the site of a wonderful cathedral, Roman ruins and a place where emperors and other dignitaries have been crowned and celebrations have taken place for hundreds of years.


The old Alstadt in Romerberg Square


Grandpa in front of Roman ruins


Another photograph of Romerberg Square.

Grandpa and I ate at the restaurant (with the awnings to the right) in their small sidewalk cafe.


Grandpa looking like a tourist in Romerberg Square


Biz and here to see something funny!


It is now 3:30pm here and Grandpa is taking a nap while I put this together. I'll be napping soon too! I am REALLY tired.

So long for now.....